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Auto Glass Treatment in the Winter

Automobiles didn’t have windshields, in the beginning, back then drivers just wore goggles. Hence, to avoid wind, rain, debris or insects. But this gadget wasn’t really effective to be used as a protection, especially from the weather. Therefore auto glass manufacturers started to put on a windshield on their products. At first, they created a windshield from plate glass, which was actually really dangerous since it will shatter into large, sharp pieces when broken.

As time goes by, automobiles become more and more evolved. As vehicles become faster and faster, safety also becomes a more and more important factor. Windshield glass is one of the most important safety elements is also evolving, it becomes way stronger than it was before. Not only able to withstand the wind and other particles you might come across on the road but among auto glassother things, it also prevents people from being thrown out of the car during an accident.

Auto Glass Treatment List

There’s always something that can cause damage to the automotive windows. One of them is extreme weather condition like freezing temperatures. Here are some helpful tips to use to make sure your windshield glass is in good condition in the winter:

– Don’t expose your vehicle to an extreme temperature for too long. During the winter, there will be times when the temperature is really low. At this point, your auto glass will experience some extra stress that can reduce its strength.

– When you notice a windshield chip, it’s better if you don’t use a defroster. Doing this will likely make the damage bigger or turn the chip into a crack. The same goes for pouring hot water.

– A crack or chip on your auto glass and extreme temperature are not a good combination. So no matter how small the damage is, if it’s already winter time, you better get it fixed immediately

– If necessary, you should get your windshield glass replaced. When you see damage beyond repair, take your car to a shop to get repairs.

– Whenever you take your car to an auto glass shop, you will have the chance to consult with experts. The technicians are experts in auto glass, so it would be great to get advice from during extreme temperature.